How to assign a shortcut button for mech/electronic shutter?

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Re: How to assign a shortcut button for mech/electronic shutter?

Steve W wrote:

Cristi CC wrote:

Custom modes C1, C2, C3 are already assigned.

Shortcut to my menu already there.

But none of this can't replace a simple push of a button - fast and effective and no need to take the camera from the eye if assigned to a button.

I found R5 an profesional camera and I think almost everything must be customizable for everyone needs. But still not as i can see.

Shutter type is one of that principal settings that must be very easy to change for a mirrorless camera. But Canon is still a traditional manufacturer, not that open to new style of shooting characteristic to a mirrorless camera. Also electronic shutter speed no longer than 0,5 second i found is a very weird thing and it was a very bad surprise for me.

Is there away to set a button to bring up the my menu from a button push?

Yes. You set My Menu as the default for when you press the menu button. Then, you can use the standard menu button or assign an unused button on the left side of the camera ti Menu.

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