Wildlife: do you shoot at f4 with a 600f4?

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Re: Wildlife: do you shoot at f4 with a 600f4?

superlevure wrote:

Hi all,

I'm in two minds about getting a 600F4 but I reali

se people hardly every use them at f4 because the depth of field then gets very restricted. I guess the problem's the same with a x1.4tc, where f5.6 would be unusable.

What's the point if it doesn't bring that advantage in low light? Do you ever use yours at f4?

Where did you get this information from? I have the 500mm F/4E, not the 600 but I shoot it wide open without hesitation, and the same with the TC-14EIII, although then I tend to stop it down 1/2 stop or so if there is sufficient light just to regain the tiny amount of sharpness lost if shot fully wide open (there are several of these in my small gallery on this site). The shallow depth of field (which is most apparent for close subjects) is often a benefit in being able to separate your subject from background clutter. The wide aperture absolutely gives you that extra stop or more of light, but also creative possibilities that you don't have with lenses with smaller apertures. None of us would invest a small fortune and lug these bulky things around if we hardly ever used them wide open.

Goldcrest, our smallest bird - shot at close range at 500mm, 1/1000sec, F/4.

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