Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

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Re: Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

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- Copy variation. Samyang is notorious for high copy variation, although they're getting better this still suffers to a lesser degree. I've had two copies - one was incredibly sharp with zero CA/fringing, second was noticeably less sharp with lots of fringing. Got a third on the way!

thanks! the copy variations you mention - was it this 35/1.8 lens specifically?

Samyang in general

Apparently the older lenses even if good tended to go out of alignment much faster than higher quality sony/zeiss/sigma lenses, and there was a significant copy variation from new as well. Sony and Zeiss all suffer from this anyway to varying degrees - some significant - but for sure they were better built than the Samyangs of old. Recent Samyangs appear to getting better and better. I've had 2x35/1.8, 1x75/1.8, 1x24/1.8, 1x85/1.4 and they were all superbly sharp except for one copy of the 35 (which had physical damage, so good chance it had been dropped/knocked in it's lifetime).

I think I got excited and made a mistake. I pulled the trigger on the Samyang 351.8 even though the new A7iv won't arrive until first couple of weeks of January, and by that time my return period to B&H will have expired. Not sure what I should do if there's a decent chance I won't get a good copy.

I'd try and borrow an FE mount body to test the lens.  Maybe another member lives close enough.  Afraid I live in the UK.


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