How to assign a shortcut button for mech/electronic shutter?

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Re: How to assign a shortcut button for mech/electronic shutter?

Dan W wrote:

Cristi CC wrote:

Custom modes C1, C2, C3 are already assigned.

Shortcut to my menu already there.

But none of this can't replace a simple push of a button - fast and effective and no need to take the camera from the eye if assigned to a button.

I found R5 an profesional camera and I think almost everything must be customizable for everyone needs. But still not as i can see.

Shutter type is one of that principal settings that must be very easy to change for a mirrorless camera. But Canon is still a traditional manufacturer, not that open to new style of shooting characteristic to a mirrorless camera.

Also electronic shutter speed no longer than 0,5 second i found is a very weird thing and it was a very bad surprise for me.

May I ask why you need electronic shutter with 1/2 second or longer exposures? For me, all I see a use for the electronic shutter is when you need the 20fps (and how many people really need that?). Yea silent mode for quite events or the like but I can barely hear the mechanical shutter as it is, and thats in my face!.

I feel the same people that complain about all the things they wish cameras could do are the same ones that complain about how complicated the menu systems are. Look at Sony, arguably a very good camera brand with a ton of customization. But once you go through the menu you will quickly realize how convoluted it really is.

You ever own a car with dozens of buttons and knobs on the dash? Then you get into an Audi or VW and it instantly feels like a luxury minimalist vehicle? Then you fall in love. Or that washing machine with 20 different wash cycles, then you find you only use like 2 of them?

When I pick up my camera I want to be able to start shooting right then. I don't want to fiddle with things and try to remember what button does what since I last changed it. I spent hours setting up my R5 and testing things when I first got it and I haven't changed a thing since. The only thing I forget is how much I love shooting with it each time I pick it up...

I can't think of one thing that I would use 20fps for but if I do ever need it I'll change it for that shoot and put if back to mechanical shutter when the shoot is over. I don't do machine gun shooting outside of bracketing 3-5 frames. And to be honest I have a very hard time taking a single shot when the camera is in 12fps mode. I don't do weddings anymore but when I did I would take a few hundred images and try to sort down and edit around 40 images to show the newlyweds. Why would I want to sort 1000-2000 images to get that same 40 images to proof???

My only question is "Have you ever shot birds in flight "BIF"? May not need 20 or 30 fps all the time but definitely more than 12 fps when dealing with hawks, falcon, or eagles or other fast moving birds especially when they are diving for food.  That is just my humble opinion.

As far as picking up your camera and being able to shoot right away, the C1, C2, C3, settings are great for that. I set up each one for a specific type of usage. One for flash work where typically still need the mechanical shutter, one for people with auto eye focus which is typically with EFCS set, and one for BIF and electronic shutter. Also I tend to do back button focus so I set up one button for continuous AF with tracking and one with single shot typically for landscape or architecture. This is just me but with those setups I don't have to wonder what my camera is going to do.

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