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DMillier wrote:

Any camera without an eye level viewfinder is hard to use except on a tripod. A camera with no viewfinder and a fixed screen even more so. Why Sigma didn't provide a built in optical viewfinder with basic exposure settings readout (like a film compact style camera) is a mystery to me.

But the real problem with the Merrills is 1. the slow write times and 2. the fact that you don't get to use a raw converter of your choice. Why they don't package up their raw processing code and give it to the popular raw converter vendors as they did for the Sd14 generation and before cameras is another mystery.

None of the problems prevent you using the camera, just act as an accumulation of reasons why you would prefer using different cameras. I think I got some fine results from my DP2M, but in the end I sold it. Too old and irritable to put up with the inconvenience and hassle when there are so many cameras that provide a smoother experience out there.

I think it is a great shame that Sigma's decision making alienates so many mainstream users.

They did try to work with Adobe but Adobe was not interested.

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