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Re: Extreme Recovery- What PP can do

Eightace wrote:

Do you find you get better results under or over exposing ?

Not so much better. Best to gwt exposure right the first time...but who is perfect here

With the P950...to change ISO takes a few steps ( why Nikon didnt allow for direct adjustments. I dont know

My Casio camera can adjust ISO by pressing a button or turning a dial...no menu first.

Anyway I often shoot the P950 is less than brightest light...and will need to raise ISO...but I find it easier to turn side dial ( set to EV) and under expose when I need to raise ISO ( to gain faster shutter speeds). Results are basically the same.

I'd always heard of over exposing but only recently heard of people underexposing.

But your method seems to work.

It does...but not the ideal way to work.

I shoot. RAW ...so this allows for more adjustments with less artifacts...than if I shot same with jpeg.

So RAW allows for making adjustments after...at times we might not get perfect settings while shooting ...but RAW can make a difference.

That is what this thread is about....showing how RAW can make an ok photo...much better...at times, IMHO


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