Sony telephoto zoom lens choice

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Sony telephoto zoom lens choice

Hi everyone,

It’s my first post/poll here, so I hope not to mess it up.

I’m considering adding a telephoto zoom or even 2 to my setup, I currently own a A7III and it’s main use would be for sports and landscape.

I’ve tried the 200-600mm and the 70-200mm f2.8 and loved both it different ways, as you can image. The 200-600mm it’s great for the reach, but not as much as for the weight. The 70-200 was fantastic, but I missed a little more reach.

Having said that, it seems the 100-400mm would be the perfect choice, however, where I’m living it’s price it’s almost the same as getting a 70-200mm f4 and the 200-600mm.

So you can understand my dilemma. The 100-400mm would be a little bit cheaper than the 70-200 f4 and the 200-600mm, but wouldn’t have the same reach flexibility.

Which setup would you recommend?



Sony 100-400mm GM
55% 11  votes
Sony 70-200mm f4 + Sony 200-600mm
45% 9  votes
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