New innovations in Z9 compared to Canon R3 and Sony A1?

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Re: New innovations in Z9 compared to Canon R3 and Sony A1?

If you're worried about spec sheets they basically took the A1 and did an Plus 1 or some cases Plus 2 on every single line.

While the A1 doesn't even match the video specs of the R5 (lower top resolution,no internal raw, no 4.2.2 colour) the Z9 blows past the R5 while claiming much higher run times. On specs the Z9 is closer to a mid range Red camera than a A1.

They also did things like internal Prores. Dule CFe slots. 120FPS JPG.  Things that show the camera had at least a little input from users.

The announced future firmware plus the rumoured bits push it even further past the A1.

All that is specs. We need to see the thing in my hands before any of this matters.

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