Has anyone else noticed..........

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Re: Has anyone else noticed..........

michaeladawson wrote:

I don’t disagree with what you say in terms of the stellar quality of the Z S primes.

I simply don’t want lenses that big. I realize Nikon is not alone here. Big is the new normal. I find the Fujifilm f/2 primes to be a delight to use. Granted, they’re not too much cheaper than the Nikon’s. But I’ll give up a little IQ for a large size savings and a few dollars to boot.

Yes, I bought the Z 35 1.8 S just recently when it went $150 off, just couldn't resist. (It is awesome.) But I want my primes to be compact and lightweight if I can get them.

My ideal set of primes would be slower, smaller, lighter with solid build quality and impeccable IQ and not necessarily cheaper. The plastic lens mount is not what I want.

I like what Sigma is doing with their weird solid metal slow primes for Sony. Maybe they will Z them up!

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