Will you buy a Z9..

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Re: Will you buy a Z9..

Paddler213 wrote:

It looks like a great body, if I was new to high end photography it would be high on the list. I'm kind of a Nikon guy so it's nice to see them produce a very competitive product. However, my D500 and D850 are more than adequate for now.

Also, I'm wondering about camera makers implementing computational photography in FX or DX bodies. I currently have a Pixel 3 and will be buying the new Pixel 6 Pro as soon as I can get my hands on one. Regardless of how good the DR is on a sensor, it will have a very difficult time outperforming an image produced from nine exposures, automatically taken instantly, then choosing the best value for each pixel in seconds. I recently read a blurb in "The Verge" on the Z9 that stated the sensor and Expeed 7 are fast enough to make computational photography possible. That's the first time I've seen CP discussed. Thoughts?

I guess most of the modern cameras produced the last couple of years are able to do computational photography. Olympus has done that for many years and it is rumored that the new Olympus camera coming in 2022 will take computational photography to the next level....probably meaning to level of top smartphones.

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