Shouldn't Z9 be able to do 30 fps at HE easily?

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Re: Shouldn't Z9 be able to do 30 fps at HE easily?

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They're claiming they'll support 8k 60FPS raw video. You'd think that means the camera can support 60 FPS stills.

But like a lot of things we'll have to check the details. Fast enough cards for example.

The Z9 has a 120 fps still mode, and that is using the entire area of the sensor, not a center crop. However, you only get a 11MP JPEG image at 120 fps. That means it is a highly compressed, with plenty of losses image file. The bottleneck is definitely the time it takes to compress 120 files a second, as well as the bandwidth to write so many files onto the memory cards.

Probably only reading one out of every 4 pixels.

Or, binning 4 pixels into 1 in hardware so you can then read just the 1.

Exactly. You would hope they have taken a page out of the Apple Macbook (M1 series SOCs) with a hardware encoder, neural engine, cpu and unified memory.

Nikon have been making these SoC's for decades. I am pretty sure they know what they're doing

That's what they said about Intel.

And Nokia

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