New innovations in Z9 compared to Canon R3 and Sony A1?

Started Nov 6, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Dual data streams

Technically I think the biggest innovation is the dual data streams to EVF/LCD and memory card to provide uninterrupted viewing at all times.  Neither Sony nor Canon have this.  This feature (I imagine) provides a sense of immediacy, immersion, and responsiveness to the photographic experience that the competitors lack.

The protective shutter is another novel element that has real practical benefit.

The lack of a shutter is bold, but you can operate the A1 or R3 full time on electronic shutter and never use the mechanical shutter, so it's hard to see a benefit other than cost savings.

The other areas where Nikon exceeds the competition are mostly "more, better" type of things - faster frame rates or what not.

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