New innovations in Z9 compared to Canon R3 and Sony A1?

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Too early to tell

Autoxave wrote:

There has been a lot of hype after the introduction of Nikon Z9. It seems to be a wonderful camera and puts Nikon in a position to compete with R3 ands A1.

What are the new big innovations of the Z9 that is clearly lacking in R3 and A1 except for the differences in sensor resolution? Would be nice to hear your opinions.

Firmware updates may change the picture (so to speak), and we need to see the test results w.r.t. DR & high ISO performance (also missing for the R3), The latter because if the DR & high ISO performance is similar to the Z6/7, it would be a noticeable advantage at least against the A1 which trades some of these for speed.

Another example is the compressed raw formats: if they are truly "visually lossless" even after "moderate" editing, it's significant: to put things in perspective the more compressed version is even smaller than a JPEG large fine file.

For now the combo of no shutter, faster image display (less lag) thanks to an optimized path between sensor and VF, illuminated buttons, protection of the sensor with a screen, sensor surface made less attractive to dust, more eye-AF modes, ability to switch between them automatically, 3D AF + works in combo with eye-AF,  etc. make for a combination where every details seems to have got attention by its manufacturer, more so than the A1 or the R3.

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