EOS R6 Vs iPhone 13 Pro for Photography (PICS)

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Re: EOS R6 Vs iPhone 13 Pro for Photography (PICS)

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99.9% of people who take photos regularly couldn’t care less about the pixel-peeping debate and simply want a decent-looking image for sharing via social media. Smartphones do this adequately.

Would I recommend an iPhone 13 Pro over and R6? Absolutely! I have friends for whom the abilities of the R6 are lost. They enjoy taking pictures. They love the composition aspect and want convenience over carrying and learning a dedicated system. They want to share on smaller screens and make small prints. For those photographers, smartphones are viable as being an option for their best tool. For those who want extra creativity, more control, larger image sizes, better solutions for harder to capture subjects etc and maximum quality then dedicated systems are best for them.
Bottom line: the iPhone 13 Pro can be a valid choice over an R6 for many people.

Indeed. In fact, I'm quite sure that owners/admins of photography forums have seen their activity and membership drop precipitously over the past 10-15 years as hobbyists went from DSLRs to "good enough" cell phone cameras. I say "in fact" because I used to be an admin at a photography forum, so I saw this drop first-hand.

Even "serious" photographers, like me, eventually question the wisdom of lugging big systems around on vacation or other events where the cons of a big system get outweighed by the pros of a decent camera that you carry with you all the time. Remember the old saw "the best camera is the one you have with you"? There you go.

In any case, this topic does not lead to an either/or solution for serious photographers. Rather, it's both. Perhaps the biggest hurdle to get over for the person who has a lot of money and time invested in the big gear is the psychological pull of "hey, I invested all this money in equipment; I ought to be using it."

The drop in forum activity wouldn’t be from smartphones, it’s more just people prefer social media sites like Instagram and Twitter for posting images than using a forum. Most people on even sites like IG use ILC’s and not their phones.

Funny enough you often see people start out with a smartphone then eventually move to a ILC. Also comes down to shooting style, those who like SOOC JPEGs would obviously be more than happy with a Smartphone as they are pretty much at the same level as the old point and shoots but for those who want that higher technical quality will always lean to a proper ILC.

That's so true. DPR should change its forum format, to allow a more interactive structure. I hope they devote resources for that. Even just a standard Gallery Feature on top of each forum, versus having to create a thread for it, will be neat.

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