Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv (Mirror Lens) 1000mm f/5.6

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Re: Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv (Mirror Lens) 1000mm f/5.6

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I know this is an old post but I came across with while researching a Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv 5.6/1000mm i might purchase. Is this the Portage Lift Bridge in the photos? I went to Tech in the 70s and just moved to Marquette after 40 years in Texas. Looks like a good performing optics and a great photo subject.

I have two sets of this Carl Zeiss Jena 5.6/1000mm, and their optical performance able to match the Nikon 2000mm f11 ( I also have two sets). The drawback of the Carl Zeiss Jena is that it does not provide any handle to pick up the lens, and these two types of lenses are heavy, some 17Kg ( 38 lbs). So when moving the CZ Jena up and down on the heavy duty fluid head, especially the center of gavity is on the end ( camera side), you would better find some way to hold on to the lens. I bought an astronomy scope used handle and it is able to fit it. The CZ Jena lens case is a bit fragile too. But CZ Jena's price is much lower than the Nikon 2000 f11, only about 1/4 of the price.

17 kgs! I think one can still carry it though with the right attachments. Like Goku does in Dragon Ball I guess it could even be made part of some Sayan training.

13.9kg as stated in my post. You can easily put a dove tail type bracket (with a strong wrap something like you use to pull your truck) into the tripod hole. Then, add a handle and you are all set. I always use a small and strong wagon to haul this beast. By the way, a very strong and sturdy Gimbal is needed.


That's much better than 17kg. I was taking it lightly, hehe. I think if one is young and with the right attachment very mobile. I can't wrap my head around a gimbal for it. Must be massive.

It is massive, but not as heavy as the Carl Zeiss Mirotar 1000mm 1:5.6 (16.5kg).  To tell you the truth, handling this lens, IMO, is perhaps easier than handling those Astro Berlin doublet long focal length lenses.  The Spiegelobjektiv 1000/5.6 is fat but short.  All the long tele from Astro Berlin 1000/800/600 are heavy and long (but thinner) and can be very difficult to shoot due to their length.  For this Spiegelobjektiv 1000/5.6 a fork mount on a large platypod (on a table) can be very easy to handle.

As for optical quality, I would say the Carl Zeiss Mirotar 1000/5.6 is slightly better than the Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv 1000/5.6 and way better than the Nikon Reflex Nikkor 1000/8 both versions) and 1000/6.3. Nikon never made good reflex lenses, the 2000/11 included.  I have not tried a Spiegelobjektiv 1000/5.6 with a Pentax new K mount 2x converter; but I do not expect outstanding results.  A very finely tuned Celestron 8" 1:10 EdgeHD may beat the Nikon 2000/11.  I had experience in shooting the CZ Mirotar 1000/5.6 and Nikon 2000/11 decades ago on film.  I figured that these are not my cup of tea even though I can get a CZ Mirotar 1000/5.6 with a very reasonable price.  Today, the CZ. Mirotar 1000/5.6 is the only missing element in my very high end mirror lenses collection actions, and its price has become sky high.  Nowadays, I love refractive long lenses more than reflex lenses.


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