Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

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Re: Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

brick33308 wrote:

I've narrowed down my choices for a 35mm lens to use for street work with the A7iv I've got on order. Does anyone have an opinion why I should get the Sony over the Samyang?

I spent a lot of time recently looking at 35mm lenses.  Ended up with an adapted Tamron 35/1.4 for landscape (a whale) and a Samyang 35/1.8 for the small light prime.  For stills and non-action shots, there is little to choose between the Samyang and Sony, maybe even comes down to copy variation.  I have an average copy of the Samyang and Rol has a golden one.  I’m quite happy.

If I had been buying only one 35mm for something like street, I’d take the Sigma 35/2 every time.  It’s optically better than the other two, both of which have LoCA wide open.

deednets posted a lot of shots with a Sigma 35/2 recently - have a look at those.

I have a folder of test shots with my Samyang, if that might help.  An A7R4 is pretty punishing as a lens test, if you like peeping.


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