Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

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Re: Looks like GT-2 can deliver a full APSC 60 mm and more!

rondom wrote:

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Just found.
Translation with google helps


thanks for the link, the first full size samples, as far as I know.

the question about the "full frame" still is unanswered in the article. interesting as the reviewer seems curious about it, but didn't bother to try a simple hack to answer the question himself :

if you install the GT-2 in the normal angle of view of GR IIIx, the angle of view will be equivalent to 60mm in the 35mm format. I think this is a very interesting angle of view. It would be nice to be able to set the firmware so that it does not crop when the GT-2 is installed. Is it rejected because the change in the angle of view is so small that it is useless?

But that's the reason. He's reviewing a product as is. He's not going to start mocking around with the camera (imagine if all reviews did that) to do something Ricoh hasn't specced.  I guess some very few reviewers might but I can see why he didn't.

I am pretty sure Ricoh must have had good reasons not to do it.

digital vs glass surely makes a difference. (see below- I upscaled 40mm to match the magnification with glass):

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