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grenow wrote:

Hi Marco, can I be the second to say: nice pizza!

My iPhone 13 Pro arrived a little earlier than promised, a couple of days ago.

Mine did too.  Quite a while ahead of the promised date with an initial 5 week delay due to demand, availability and backlog.  It's good that I spent some time to try to figure out how the new device operates compared to my older iPhone 6S.

I've not had much chance to play with the camera yet, but I like what I'm seeing. The screen on the thing is absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful way to view images. Makes me hope that when Apple updates the big iMac with their own silicon next year it comes with the same wide gamut, smooth refresh look and feel.

That screen alone is worth the upgrade.  I was initially nervous about buying the Max version because I wasn't sure it would fit into my pocket and because I prefer to travel light with the smallest options possible.  Yet the longer battery life and larger display were what sold it for me.  After a week with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, I'm comfortable with the size, the battery is absolutely incredible compared to my last phone and the screen and processor provide a great result.  Better speakers, water resistant (considerably so) and with a great set of cameras that produce attractive images.

I do use the Apple camera app most of the time, but I keep a few other image-making apps available. For a more traditional camera look and feel, with access to manual modes etc, I use ProCamera and Halide. Halide's developers really know what's going on under the hood, and their annual breakdown of the new cameras is always worth a read: https://lux.camera

I didn't expect my older legacy-version of ProCam to work on the iPhone 13 Pro Max but when I migrated the software from the old phone, it updated itself and works somewhat flawlessly with the iPhone 13.  The Macro ability is infinitely better and can be manually controlled for fine focus and I can shoot in TIF or RAW with it.  I am yet to discover if it shoots proper RAW or with Apple's new "ProRAW", which is clearly manipulated in some ways.

I'm also playing with a long exposure app called Even Longer. Worth looking for on the App Store.

I've seen the results from 'Even Longer' although I'm not sure I'll need it myself... but I did download 'Nocturne' which is free and works with most Smartphones and will produce pinpoint stars for Astrophotography.  It does leave a watermark in the corner with the Nocturne logo but that can be edited out in most cases with ease.

I'll update with more feedback when I've had a good session with the camera. Meanwhile here's another picture of the cat...

That's a nice shot that shows how simple it is to catch a decent image with this device.  My cats have long learned to avoid my cameras but strangely not my iPhones.  My wife also took a shot of me in an unflattering pose today when I dozed off in my chair with a sleeping black cat on my lap.  It's adorable as a photograph but far too embarrassing to share.  My main reason to upgrade my iPhone was because my older model (iPhone 6s) was supposed to lose Apple support this year (presumably with security updates etc) and my battery had been replaced once and was on the way out again.  The cool thing about the Pro Max model of the iPhone 13 is that it's only a tiny bit longer than my older iPhone yet it's about the length of the active display screen on the iPad Mini.
Whilst I've uncovered a couple of software shortcomings in the new iPhone 13 Pro cameras modules, they can be resolved by either using the ProCam App or by Apple releasing an update - like they did last week to control the automatic Macro lens switching scenario.  There's still the odd behavior where selecting the 77mm (3x) lens can trigger a lens-swap which in turn activates the digital zoom on the Wide Lens (1x) instead... which is unpleasant.  But again, that's easily resolved with a software tweak and the ProCam App seems to get around it.  The Super Macro is very useful.  And the Ultra Wide lens is appealing.  But the fake bokeh (synthetic background diffusion effect) is quite well done.  There's times when it's not perfect but I'm sure a lot of owners are happy with the way it works.  More importantly, the iPhone records both an unedited version and the final blurred image... so you get two pictures just in case you want to recombine elements or rescue something later.  Some images below that I took this week... including a couple from yesterday.

iPhone 13 Pro - A little home cooking with marinated chicken and salad.  That crazy 'Synthetic Bokeh' means I don't need to wax my arms.  It's not quite as convincing in this picture but it's going to be ideal for most folks who just want to pretend they own a DSLR with a wide aperture lens.

iPhone 13 Pro - Sydney Opera House - shot in ProRAW (DNG). 
iPhone 13 Pro - Fake Bokeh again - more convincing this time around - here's the scale of the diamond I wanted to see closer... it's barely 5mm long.
iPhone 13 Pro - Lighting that 0.5 carat diamond to view the laser-inscribed serial numbers on the side... which are are etched on the side of the diamond in a line thinner than a human hair.

iPhone 13 Pro - Macro (cropped) to show the serial number on the diamond... excuse the dust.  This is the narrow end of the diamond... which is barely a few mm across.

iPhone 13 Pro - Sydney Harbor Bridge shot in ProRAW.

iPhone 13 Pro - my 'middle' cat Quorra

iPhone 13 Pro - that fake bokeh is really convincing.

iPhone 13 Pro - They Sydney Queen Victoria building prior to sunset - shot in HEIC.

iPhone 13 Pro - This species of ant is just 1.5 mm long.  I guess Everyone Loves Halloween.

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