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Re: Showcase Gallery Websites

Batdude wrote:

I appreciate this kind of honesty 😃 may I ask what part suck from most vendors what is it you dislike?

Obviously, I don't have in depth experience with all of them.  However, I have run through the free trials on about a dozen.  YMMV.

zenfolio has a problem with uptime and frequently unresponsive browsing.  They do have unlimited storage, which is a huge issue for me.

Most have a limit cap on storage, more photos = bigger fees

Many don't support e-commerce, or support it poorly.

A fair number are just downright ugly.

Again, let me suggest you try some out with their free trial period.  What annoys me may be a non issue in somebody else's case.  Just because I think there service is bad doesn't mean lots of other people do just fine with no problems. (I'm thinking about changing my user name to GrumpyOldMan or something similar )

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