Bent/broken locking button on 200-500?

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Re: Bent/broken locking button on 200-500?

xGumbyx wrote:

A few weeks ago I started to notice that the locking switch on my 200-500 wouldn't work unless I rotated the zoom ring a very slight bit away from the 200mm end towards 500. Then yesterday the lock got stuck and I had to force the zoom ring a bit and it made a horrible screeching noise and then it was able to be unlocked. Now the locking switch feels loose.

Anyone seen this issue before? I'll most likely have to send it in to Nikon Canada for repair, anyone have any ideas on how long that might take?


I purchased this second hand from a photographer with a small "water-like" infiltration on the edge of front lens, because of this I got really cheap (550€ shipped)

just arrived and mounted, IQ is amazing, VR is working fine, but then I noticed the loose lock switch and I found that I got the same exact problem, need to turn the zoom ring a bit to activate the lock, and if I remove the lock I can hear the noise of something scratching inside (even if everything is working)

after few movements of the zoom ring together with the lock switch the issue disappeared and now it's smooth at it should be, and I'm not planning to use the lock mechanism

for such cheap price, do you believe it is still a good lens to keep and eventually that the problem shows again I can still send to Nikon (Italy) and fix it and still be under the average cost of used lens or it's better to ask a refund?

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