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Re: Focus shifting, focus stacking, image stacking - whatever

That's the reason for my "it works fairly well, but not great"...  I ALSO wish, in addition to set the start and interval and guess at a number, you could set start and end, interval and have the CAMERA pick the number of shots - equivalent to Helicon Remote.

I'm glad to see the Z9 has it. The reason I wanted a specific "YES" is because I was ready to order an Alpha 1 and exit from Nikon completely when I found out that NONE of the Alpha cameras do... Not the A7RIII IV, A9 II, OR the Alpha 1.

Coupled with the lack of an articulating LCD (yeah, I know the Z9 is "sort of" articulating), was enough to keep me from jumping for the moment.

Now it'll depend on when some people who Olympus fanatics and AREN'T Sony zealots and AREN'T Nikon partisans get hold of the Z9, Alpha 1, whatever the equivalent Canon is, and push all 3 (or4 if they add Olympus) hard... Does the Z9 live up to the hype - is it REALLY a revolutionary "D3" equivalent?

In the past, EVERY review I've read (NOT every review, I'm sure, just the one's I've seen pre-Z9), had Nikon coming in 2nd or 3rd in every category they evaluated... And ALWAYS stating that the "X on the Nikon is good, but NOT up to what <Sony, Canon, Olympus> has.

Is the Z9 EVF equal to the competition for clarity, sharpness, information display, refresh speed, blackout, lag, etc? When you put your eye to the viewfinder, how long before it comes on and starts tracking that fast-moving subject? Is it BETTER?

Is the FPS and buffer size in real-world shooting up to the competition for actual speed shooting usable lossless compressed RAW? Images - 12, 14, 16-bit?

Dynamic range compared to the competition? Is it at least as good as the competition and better than the D850 or not?

Autofocus speed getting on subject, staying on subject, tracking, lag, rolling compared to the competition in difficult situations? Is it as fast, accurate, and dead-on what needs to be sharp in situations of low light and fast moving subjects?

Noise at high ISO? As good as the competition? At least as good as the D850? Is 6400 useful with minimal mitigation? 12,800? Higher? What maximum ISO is actually USABLE with acceptable noise?

And so on... If the Z9 is the camera that makes the reviewers say "The "X" on the <other maker> is great, but it's not up to the Nikon Z9" in important categories, then it'll be worth holding one to see if the ergonomics work in the hand and the eye...

And, of course, NATIVE lenses. Most everybody has the expected - 24-70, 70-200, 100-400, something reasonably wide - 16-35, 14-30. But what about a great walk-around lens the equivalent of the Nikon 28-300? In a not insignificant number of situations 300mm vs 200 on the long end is the difference between having one lens on the body versus having to carry more than one and switch lenses frequently.

And critically, something LONG but portable - Nikon has a vaporware 200-600, Sony an actual one, Olympus an equivalent of 200-800...

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