We're getting ripped off on the price in Canada and Canon doesn't care - nice!

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We're getting ripped off on the price in Canada and Canon doesn't care - nice!

This is a copy of a response I received from Canon Canada and my original e-mail below. It seems like a policy of whatever the market will bear. Anybody know anyone in Canada who is selling it for a reasonable price, like $1,300-$1,400 CDN? Our exchange rate is currently about $1.33 so if it is $999 in the U.S. it should be $1,330.

Dear Mr. Dane Morrison

Thank you for your e-mail inquiry and interest in our Digital Rebel camera.
We appreciate receiving your feedback concerning the street price of the
camera. There are many factors that influence the street price of a
product, one of which being the constantly fluctuating exchange rate.
Canon monitors these factors closely and makes appropriate changes when
necessary to ensure that our customers are receiving quality products at a
competitive price. As well, actual street prices are determined by
individual dealers and may vary. Thank you for taking the time to contact
us and share your feedback.

Should you require further assistance, please feel free to email us or
visit our customer support website at http://www.canon.ca


Technical Support Representative
Customer Information Centre
Canon Canada Inc.

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You wrote:

Currently i have your S400 and love the camera. However I want to get
a Digital SLR and like the look of your Digital Rebel. However after
visiting Vistek and checking Henry's etc.. I see that the price you
are charging in Canada is $1,599. I have enclosed a copy of the press
release from Canon USA which shows that this camera should sell for
$999 U.S. or about $1,300 at today's exchange rate. I don't mind a
little difference but if I pay $1,600 CDN that is a 23% premium over
the U.S. price, which is wrong. The only conclusion I can come to is
that you set the prices before the U.S. $ plunged. Given the new
realities are you going to adjust the price or will I be forced to buy
it in the United States(if I decide to buy it).

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