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Re: A rough guess on the country : NZ?

Kjeld Olesen wrote:

maxdance wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

maxdance wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

maxdance wrote:


Not sure how easy this might be.

Interesting contrast of old and new, which must be a clue. But speaking of clues, it looks like a few (rather too) useful pieces of information have been removed from this photo I also wonder if this is a single shot or a number of shots joined together.

Yes, the name of the prominent building has been removed but it is a single shot, no stitching involved. A wee bit of India seems to have been added since I last visited.

As long as it still has those magnificent views of Grace's eldest

Yes, but no Irish or German elements in this one - maybe just an old whaling barque.

I don't seem to gain anything from these clues, but I will try a rough guess on the country based on the image

The vacancy sign indicates that there are mountains around

What makes you think of mountains??

Signs indicate it is an English speaking country
Street marking indicate they (still) drive on the left side of the road

So, how about New Zealand?

Good guess, Kjeld!

I think I know the answer to the question, but from some previous replies I have learnt that -according to some unwritten rule- you are not supposed to post this answer, but just post some 'subtle clues', so others can post the answer.

So here is my 'subtle' clue: PML T


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