Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

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Re: Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

brick33308 wrote:

QuietOC wrote:

Not so much speed as accuracy. Comparing some test images where I used AF-S the Samyang's focus was off in a few. The very low amount of breathing on the Sony also makes focusing look better.

I don't follow. Isn't accuracy a function of the AF function of the camera? The lens simply needs to quickly move to the focus point determined by the camera I would think. Is that incorrect?

Most of the time (and specially in S-AF with the final CDAF check), and AFAIK, yes... Same with the propensity to hunt, I often see people claiming this lens or that lens hunts more in low light when that should just come down to the f-stop and the camera.

That being said, when using C-AF & OSPDAF while shooting fast action if the lens can't quite keep up with the body then the hit rate for in focus shots can be seen as an accuracy issue, whereas in many other situations the AF speed might be more than fast enough, throw focus breathing into the mix and what might be a non issue with static scenes can turn into one under other circumstances.

If you're using C-AF for everything because the tracking just makes it convenient I can see situations where some movement might throw off a slightly slower lens as it tries to keep up... I don't shoot a lot of action, but like I said in my other comment I noticed the AF differences between my Samyang & Sony lenses more when using AF in video (which I'd guess can push things in the same ways that faster moving subjects could).

AFAIK SY is also reverse engineering the protocol so there's always some potential for gremlins and errors in communication or simply a slower info exchange. If you're not gonna shoot a lot of video w/AF or fast action I wouldn't be sweating any of these differences...

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