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what I am finding even with good long lens tech - I am needing 1/2500sec to elimate motion bliur/shake of moving objects like Ailrliners flying overhead or above the horizon, I am used to holding a 300 (heavy lens) without any VR and getting sharp images at 1/1600sec but no way I can achieve that now (Have tried several times - can't even keep the D25 boxes centered on the plane with no VR used).

Many though not all photographers find they get sharper hand held photos with a heavy lens combination than with a much lighter lens combination of the same focal length.

If the airliners follow a generally predictable path a tripod and Gimbal might be a solution.

Yes and flight aware or similar App, based on secondary radar or transponders, is great to see what’s coming and going in your area of sky as well. Part of your issue might be poor technique or panning too quickly or not understanding how to pan correctly. You’d be surprised how many veteran professionals do not know how to properly do panning. I constantly see blurry images, especially where they are panning using a slow shutter speed. In those cases, you can make some cool images, but a part of your subject needs to be sharp, despite the rest being blurred. Yet people post and share completely blurry panning images at slow shutter speeds, all the time.

It depends on how fast the aircraft is going, but 1/3200th sounds like it should be plenty fast enough. If you have a D850 or Z7 high megapixel camera, you’re going to need at least that in many cases. I can get sharp images of aircraft at 1/1000th-1/1600th second with my D5 or D850 and 500mm f/4E VR FL. So your shutter speed sounds a little high and makes me think something is off, maybe panning technique like I said. However there is nothing wrong with using more shutter speed, especially on high megapixel or high pixel pitch sensor.

Many or most people discover the hard way, that they need more shutter speed with the D850 or even D500. I definitely use more shutter speed when using my D850 over my D5/D6, but not always. I tend to take a couple keeper shots, or shots at higher shutter speeds, and then dial it down. Especially if my ISO is climbing, I’ll start at 1/3200th and quickly drop to 1/1000th or lower. Taking bursts at 9fps-14fps, I typically still get a couple of sharp images even at lower shutter speeds. Not every image will be sharp at lower shutter speeds when shooting action, but if you use proper technique and shoot quick bursts, you usually will get a couple. But I only mean to do this when you need to, if you have plenty of light, just shoot at a higher shutter speed. For large birds or planes, 1/1600th of second is usually fast enough, for smaller or quicker birds or aircraft, you could need up to 1/4000th second or more!

You only want to try lowering your shutter speeds if you are trying to avoid higher ISO values and after you’ve taken a few keepers or sharp images at higher shutter speeds/higher ISO’s first. I typically shoot manual mode with Auto ISO. I can quickly adjust my shutter speeds and aperture, plus on my D5/D6 I use Recall Shooting quite often. I’ll be shooting at say 1/640th second or lower for a static bird, and then see a bird in flight or some action and with one press of the Fn2 button I’m at 1/3200th second! Anyways I’ll post a few images of different aircraft at different shutter speeds. The first I’ll post is a very rare Air Force E6B Nuclear Command Aircraft that’s sharp but taken at only 1/500th second, handheld. I’ll also include a few firefighting aircraft and helicopters. You’ll see I use shutter speeds as low as 1/200th second and still get sharp images of aircraft. Obviously I also use faster shutter speeds, but rarely do I ever use or need 1/3200th. But again, there’s nothing wrong with using more shutter speed when you need to!

Very Rare Air Force E6B Nuclear Command and Control

Panning properly allowed me to get a sharp image but with some motion blur at only 1/200th second.

A Coulson Aviation C130 Tanker aircraft dropping Phos-chek on a vegetation fire in Perris, CA.

A C130H Tanker makes an extremely low pass just before dropping fire retardant on a vegetation fire in Chino, CA.

A Marines V-22 Osprey helicopter participating in a training mission in the W-291 range, just off the coast of Dana Point, in south Orange County, CA

A Cal Fire “Fire-Hawk” Blackhawk “Copter 301” taking water from a lake at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, while assistant OCFA furring a brush fire in Mission Viejo, CA. This was one of the first fires the new multi-million dollar Blackhawk helicopter was utilized in. It was impressive to see and it’s incredibly maneuverable and effective for fighting fires!

Thank you kindly   -   here are a couple of the type of  shots I can achieve  out of my D500/300PF/1.4X TC  -

All my pics are worked on in Lightroom 5 (I still use my legacy  Lightroom  - but have to use DNG  as  my camera's  NEF files are not supported in the older LR),  I also use  Topaz Denoise AL  to take care of the noise as its better than my LR5.

I do crop  all my pics  normaly  to about  1800pix long edge  after changing to 16.9  aspect  as it fills my wide screen Laptop better that way.

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