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Mads Bjerke wrote:

Thank you all for your feed back and kind comments.

Judging the interest can be difficult and I can see how many may enjoy the content without feeling the need to comment further.

I will add some posts when time permits. It takes time to document the different stages in the production.
Jim can surely attest to that as he does lots of great content and deep dives.

Man, I gotta be honest. The work you do is fabulous, on a level few here can even come close to. Please don’t take this wrong, but your work comes across more as commercial computer generated graphics than standard photography. Because I know what CGI can generate I was honestly shocked at how much actual photography contributes to your images.

Please don’t stop posting here. It’s just that there’s few here on your level at what you produce. It doesn’t mean it’s not appreciated.

Photography is the backbone of all the images I create.
The process often starts with a mockup where I take an image from Google of the product we are going to shoot.
I will use that as a template image to create the broader art direction and formulate the ideas that will make it into the final image.

In the example above with the red shoe I had decided to do a disassembled shoe image from the onset so I created a mockup of that concept as seen below:

Here you see the parts of the shoe as I cut it up.
The problem with the laces became quickly apparent. That is useful knowledge to take into the final shoot.
For the main shoot I removed the laces and shot them separately.

Then I created a background idea:

And added some sparks:

So the mockup ended up like this:

With the concept fleshed out I could start the actual shoot.

The shoe was mounted and three strobes placed above - below and on the side.
This is the stacked image before retouching:

After most of the retouching is done (many hours later) we have this:

Then I replaced the shoe with the lace and shot that in the same light:

Now with all the parts completed I can start the actual image assembly.
The shoe gets cut apart and bent into shape using a bit of Puppet Warp in PS.
The laces are then created from three copies of the one I photographed and moulded into shape with Puppet Warp. A bit of masking required to make it look like it threads through the eyelets.

The background image is recreated in full resolution (12000x9000) and all the parts are assembled:

To make it all feel like it belongs in the scene I made some small tweaks.

The red hue of the shoe was shifted slightly towards orange to fit the background colours.

I added some highlights to the edges of the cutouts to reflect the light from the sparks:

I added a glow to the logo:

So there you have the main process.
About three days works from start to finish.

The fundamental image relies on good photography and lighting - without that being right the image will not work.
The rest is all about making it feel right and "somewhat" believable

Happy to answer any questions.


Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. So impressive.


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