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Re: Free turn - Diagon Alley, Warner Bros. Studios, Watford

Kjeld Olesen wrote:

R Liewenberger wrote:

Kjeld Olesen wrote:

The Warner Bros. Studios "London" are in Watford, I suppose that is not really London?

EDIT: Just found some info on the latter apparently sensitive question:
1: Hertfordshire Mercury
2: TripAdvisor

Well, Kjeld, to me London or Watford or Hertfordshire are all place names on that island up there in the Nordsee, in about 500 km distance, where they drive on the wrong side of the road! I can happily do without any British pernicketiness!


Yes, well, you know - they don't even consider themselves to be part of Europe, as they may claim to "go to Europe" if visiting the continental part - perhaps it makes more sense now that they chose not to be part of the EU - but that is probably a debate we should not discuss here

In any case, the clue "The place claims to be in London, but it is not really", was more referring to it being an imaginary place rather then actually being located in Watford

It is well worth a visit with kids though - no matter where it is located - and London is still the best place in Europe (or near it) to get an Indian curry!

So you must be from near Poitiers being 500 km south of London?

No, Kjeld, not Poitiers! Actually it's not exactly south of London, more east-south-east of London. Under Napoleon it was in the French Département des Forêts, in the Arrondissement Bitbourg (1795 - 1814). After Napoleon it became Prussia. After the Prussian emperors came 12 years under bad Adolf's 'Third Reich', today it's called Germany.

Before Napoleon, since 1555, it was a part of Luxembourg, thus part of the Spanish Netherlands, that became the Austrian Netherlands in 1714.

Not to forget about the Roman emperors before all the above; about 2000 years ago they founded the nearby Augusta Treverorum, today called Trier, Germany's oldest city.

Good about these constant changes: It makes people here pretty immune when it comes to the silly forms of patriotism!

'Indian curry': Only been there once, for a couple hours, just long enough to try some 'Fish and chips'. Not bad at all!

But Den Gamle Kro in Odense was better! (Just glad the bill there was paid by the boss of Kansas Denmark A/S! )


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