Robert Hall does a series of videos comparing Westcott FJ lights with the Godox equivalent

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Richard Hopkins
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Re: Robert Hall does a series of videos comparing Westcott FJ lights with the Godox equivalent

RDKirk wrote:

Richard Hopkins wrote:

On Rob Hall's Westcott/Godox review, the FJ400 looks like a very good unit, with a little more power and faster flash durations at max output than the AD400Pro (a common weak spot for Godox IMHO) and both those things are well worth having. Overall it's a pretty close contest but while the competition is welcome, there's nothing ground-breaking with Westcott/Jinbei in the way that there was with Godox when they launched against the Old Guard a few years ago. Westcott deserves some success - and I think they'll find it, especially in the US - but in the intervening years Godox has simply piled on stacks of excellent new product at a relentless pace, building a seemingly impregnable market position with a very comprehensive ecosystem.

The Godox was superior in color stability, however, even in speed mode.

True, and for some that may be an important difference. For others, the faster flash duration of the Westcott plus extra power and battery capacity would win.

I think they're really hard to separate overall, both in terms of key performance factors and secondary features. Neither scores a clear victory, not even on price, and weighing things up is subjective. Godox is a bit smaller and lighter, has an extension head option and mains-power adapter, plus a brighter modelling LED. But Westcott counters with a better locking handle and umbrella mount. Service and warranty is another can of worms.

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