Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

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Re: Samyang 35/1.8 vs Sony 35/1.8

AF speed for stills should be pretty close if my experience with the Samyang 45/1.8 vs the Sony 35/1.8 is any indication, but the Sony seemed more consistent when using AF in video... The Sony also has a shorter MFD than any of the small 3rd party 35mm alternatives (pretty much the same as the GM) and that's a useful creative advantage.

Those things won't necessarily be worth double the price for a lot of people tho. I wish my SY45 would let me use the focus ring to adjust aperture like the 35 can but there's no Custom switch on the 45. I bought the Sony 35/1.8 before the Sigma 35/2 or the 35GM were even announced, I think even the SY 35/1.8 wasn't out at the time, then bought the 45/1.8, then the GM.

I think I'll get rid of the Sony in the long run but they're all solid choices, I think the Sigma is worth a look too for it's rendering and aperture wheel if nothing else but it's got worse sealing than the others (only at the mount IIRC) and it's the heaviest.

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