DxO PL5 or C1 and DeepPrime?

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Re: DxO PL5 or C1 and DeepPrime?

Greyser wrote:

1. C1 as main RAW converter (cost is not a problem, and you're right, if I shoot two 500mm primes with FF camera, it is nothing) plus DxO Pure RAW mostly for noise reduction plus Topaz Sharpen AI for occasional blurry images, and finally Affinity as pixel editor. In this case I should not invest into full DxO PL5. And, as you said, C1 has some superiority features wise over PL.

2. DxO PL5 (DeepPrime included), plus Topaz Sharpen AI, plus Affinity.

#2 looks cheaper and simpler/cleaner (If I won't loose any vital features not having C1) in this case. Also someone here said that DxO products are much simpler to use.

What final file (extension) I would get in both scenarios and where?

Thank you again,


1: To my understanding C1 has a very steep learning curve.

2: DxO PL5 has a learning curve. There is very few YouTube tutorials for DxO ....


3: Another alternative is DxO Pure Raw > ACR/Lightroom > Topaz Sharpen > Photoshop.

The new masking tools for ACR/ Lightroom is a game changer. Nothing out there is even close to it.

Tons of tutorial for ACR/Lightroom Photoshop on Youtube.

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