Robert Hall does a series of videos comparing Westcott FJ lights with the Godox equivalent

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Richard Hopkins
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Re: Robert Hall does a series of videos comparing Westcott FJ lights with the Godox equivalent

RDKirk wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

The first compares the FJ400 with the AD400Pro.

You will probably find it useful to download the spreadsheet linked under the video to see the numbers before watching the video. Note it has numbers for all three pairs of lights he's going to compare.

One slight quibble is that he says the overheat protection is based on counting in the Ad400Pro. I don't think that's so. They do number counting for all strobes that don't have fans and put a table telling you the limits in the manual. If the light has a fan I believe that they have a temperature sensor.

I've never had an AD400Pro, but I've had AD600 and AD600Pro, both of which have fans and both of which merely count flashes. I know this because the count can be reset while the flash ought to still be hot.

Pretty sure my AD400Pro uses a counter, ie no actual temperature sensing. I tested it in very benign conditions - outside on a cool English day, in the shade, with a decent breeze, no modifier and modelling LED off. With a temperature sensor I'm pretty sure it would have continued working normally for a very long time, probably until the battery exhausted, but it shut down exactly on schedule according to the handbook.

On Rob Hall's Westcott/Godox review, the FJ400 looks like a very good unit, with a little more power and faster flash durations at max output than the AD400Pro (a common weak spot for Godox IMHO) and both those things are well worth having. Overall it's a pretty close contest but while the competition is welcome, there's nothing ground-breaking with Westcott/Jinbei in the way that there was with Godox when they launched against the Old Guard a few years ago. Westcott deserves some success - and I think they'll find it, especially in the US - but in the intervening years Godox has simply piled on stacks of excellent new product at a relentless pace, building a seemingly impregnable market position with a very comprehensive ecosystem.

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