Nikon 300 PF + TC1,4E

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Re: Nikon 300 PF + TC1,4E

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

NewP510owner wrote:

what I am finding even with good long lens tech - I am needing 1/2500sec to elimate motion bliur/shake of moving objects like Ailrliners flying overhead or above the horizon, I am used to holding a 300 (heavy lens) without any VR and getting sharp images at 1/1600sec but no way I can achieve that now (Have tried several times - can't even keep the D25 boxes centered on the plane with no VR used).

Many though not all photographers find they get sharper hand held photos with a heavy lens combination than with a much lighter lens combination of the same focal length.

If the airliners follow a generally predictable path a tripod and Gimbal might be a solution.

That would be a bit akward  tbh,   as  my main shooting location when I cant get out, is my back yard  thats about Ten feet by Ten feet, the aircraft I shoot some times  come right over the top of me, some times at a diagnal  and other times  in the distance  above the horizon,    so a tripod or monopod would not be very useful.

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