For about the same price..RF 70-200mm F/4 or EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS iii ?

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Re: Not been an issue

ZX11 wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

Paysen wrote:

That is a given since it is built that way. It literally breathes air, which has humidity by default.

I hate to break it to you, but the EF versions are not vacuum sealed.

Strawman. Not what was claimed.

Read the quoted part above. As far as i can tell, both lenses breathe air. The reason - because neither are air sealed

If you are claiming that the EF version pumps as much air, humidity, and dust, from the outside into it's interior as the RF version, I hate to break it to you,...

... that you have a hypothesis, but no reason to really tell one way or other?

People have reason to question the reliability of a RF extending design being more reliable and durable than the EF internal design. After a few years we will know for sure. By that time the RF versions will be discounted and easier to buy.

There have been both internal and external zoom EF lenses. And they have been around for a long time. Why don't we know for sure yet then? What is the basis of this reason to question the reliability?

My theory is that people who don't care about the extending design, would be changing the RF lens for the next version of it (RF 70-200 mkII), or to a Sony system, in two years anyway. Extending is durable enough for them.

Which is the real point. A well built lens, whether internal or external zoom works very well for its intended use case. What is the reason to care about this without any specific evidence of a problem that actually affects its performance?

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