Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

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Re: Google Pixel 6 PRO not as good as we thought?

theNiko wrote:


since a year now I'am searching for a new device. My main focus is on the camera, using lightroom on the mobile device.

Had a Huawei P20 which crashed. Then I bought a P30 (also not Pro). From my point of view it was only a little better than the P20. But it was ok.

Then beginning 2021 I tried the P40 and the P40 Pro. Neither of them could really convince me. I did not find the camera better than that of the P30. And the Google services are missing...

I am not a Huawei fan boy and have looked at a few devices from other manufacturers over the past few months. I really liked the specs of the Pixel 6. It is a nice device. However, I expected more from the camera. The test shots I have taken in the last few days do not convince me.
The jpg photos look very flat, and the depths are much too high. I do not like that. Completely unrealistic.

And unfortunately, the pixel binning cannot be deactivated. In direct comparison with the Huawei P30, far too many details are lost. 12,5 MP... really sad.

And why is it not possible to trigger the shutter with a "cheese"? Come on Google, you can do it better.

I will send it back. Too bad

i will suggest u try pixel 6 stacked RAW before sending it back

p30 pro RAW is just 1 shot bit pixel RAW is from multiple pics

that is a big difference

and u will only see the true IQ of pixel 6 with stacked RAW

just minor processing will remove most pixel jpeg problem (oversharpen, too much color saturation and too much HDR effect )

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