For about the same price..RF 70-200mm F/4 or EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS iii ?

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Re: Not been an issue

Paysen wrote:

That is a given since it is built that way. It literally breathes air, which has humidity by default.

I hate to break it to you, but the EF versions are not vacuum sealed.

And I never said every lens is going to be full of dust or water droplets I said it is more prone to getting dust and humidity inside of the lens and that is simply a fact. Because a gasket on an internal zoom and focus lens has a way easier job at sealing the internals of your lens. Proving basic physics is a stupid thing to ask for, sorry. There is a difference between "it is more likely that dust and humidity will find it's way into the lens" and "it will end up being full of dust and water".

So if you are NOT implying that it will be filled with dust and moisture, then what are you suggesting?  What is the point you are making?    Again, like I said above, this is back to theory.    You are saying on paper it should move more air so you jump to conclusions.  But these lenses are not just two cardboard tubes loosely sliding together.  It's got complex seals and brushes to keep dust out. The parts fit tightly.   As I said, we've had a long experience with similarly designed lenses like the EF 70-300L.

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