The EX ZR800 still works

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Re: The EX ZR800 still works

[rube39, you were replying to Erik Ohlson, not me]

rube39 wrote: >>ZR 800 + Clearviewer still my day-to-day camera.

I say: "When you find a winner, stick with it."<<

My wife, who was once a professional photographer in Japan, currently uses our ZR800 has her main camera, citing its size and reach.

...and it's my 'go to' "camera" for versatility over a wide range of situations.

But if I know I'm going to face cramped, dim, situations, the ZR5100 has advantages.

And for quick everyday 'note' shots, or for recording garden flowers etc., to send to others, the iPhone 6s+ is acceptable, but likely to be replaced by a newer version with better dim light capability. (I'll stay with an iPhone because my ageing brain is too slow to adapt to another system; and my technical advisors - son, grandsons - also have iPhones.)

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