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Does anyone know if the mk3 1.4 X TC effects the VR performance in Sport mode on the 300PF.

No it does not, but like said above, in some cases when focal length increases, so should your minimum shutter speed in order to obtain sharp results. That’s just a blanket statement lacking too much details. There are so many factors, not least amongst them is human performance. Or your ability to hold camera and lens steady, your quality of support used and even using long lens technique or not. Some people with very steady hands and proper breathing technique can achieve sharp results at much lower shutter speeds than those with poor technique or shaky hands. I spent six years in the Army, three deployments to Afghanistan and one deployment elsewhere. So I’ve learned many shooting and breathing techniques related to shooting firearms, and I have steady hands, along with good arm strength. I also have 25 years experience shooting wildlife and 18 years now of photojournalism. So I can easily get sharp handheld images at 1/60th second, sometimes down to 1/15th or lower in some cases with my 500mm FL lens. But below 1/60th of second I have to take a few images in a short burst to insure I get a sharp image.

Many people don’t like to go beneath 1/125th of second with VR on most super-tele lenses. That seems to be about the sweet spot for getting a majority of sharp images with the current VR system. I.E. the VR “III” system that has “Sport” option. On my 80-400G VR lens, which has a VR II system, I am not able to get the same results as I can with my 500mm FL. Not sure if that’s just because the VR system is not as good or it’s a combination of that and that it’s not as well balanced and involves external zooming? Either way, I wouldn’t worry about the TC-14E III and using VR. However do be aware of losing cross-type AF secs it’s and know exactly which and where your remaining Cross-type AF points are. Here is an example for the Nikon D5/D850//D500! Also below the Nikon D6. I know once I add my TC-14E III to my 500mm f/4E VR FL, I only have cross-type AF points in the center section and left and right far sides. However I don’t worry about it too much, it still focuses very quickly in good light and I’ll use whatever AF points, if I need them. If you’re ever having issues with AF grabbing, you can rotate the camera and lens 45-90 degrees and the line senators should then engage and grab focus.

Thank you kindly  for explaining all that  - what I am finding  even with good long lens tech  - I am needing 1/2500sec  to elimate  motion bliur/shake  of moving objects like Ailrliners  flying overhead  or  above the horizon, I am used to holding a 300  (heavy lens)  without any VR  and getting sharp images at 1/1600sec   but no way I can achieve that now  (Have tried several times  - can't even keep the D25  boxes  centered on the plane  with no VR used).

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