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Re: P950: What PP can do

Akkerman54 wrote:

I am still impressed about the I.Q. one can get out of a RAW shot using DxO PL4/5 and Topaz Sharpen AI as PP.

Here is an example. I was about to delete this photo after looking at the sooc jpg on my pc screen. Then I thought to try PP with the raw file. Look at the result, now its a keeper for me.


after PP the raw and cropping



Shooting into the sun can cause this exposure problem, where subject is darker than it should be.

But you also shot RAW so...

Indeed it is now a keeper,  as you well proved here, Akkerman54.

Shooting RAW will always have benefits to jpegs. But not everyone wants to spend the time to get the improved results.

Also one will not get better results right away.

First they will probably be worse....then with some time , they get better.

DXO does a great job with RAW files.

I have no problem under exposing my P950 by -2 stopts ( actually wish that wasn't the limit

Years ago, older sensors and older software, when one lifted shadows, all the noise came  with it.

Removing the noise most always meant removing some details too.

Today, shooting RAW has better benefits than ever!

My APS-C sensor camera and DXO can make ISO 6400 look as good as ISO 400


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