Will Nikon have no option but to enhance the Z6/7 ii further!

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Re: Will Nikon have no option but to enhance the Z6/7 ii further!

heush wrote:

I am right there, holding out, looking for a reason to make the switch to ML. I'm still rocking my D800 (amazing camera, still, after all this time). To satisfy the camera nerd in me, I recently bought a D500 with the 200-500mm (wow!).

I have money saved up, and I have hovered over the Z9 II "Buy-it-now" button a couple of times, but I just can't do it. I want a single lightweight body that does what the D500 and D800 do for me, but better (landscape and wildlife, some portraits). The Z7 II is not it.

Maybe the Z9 is, but it's certainly not lightweight, and it's certainly in a different price range than what I anticipated to spend (I also need to get Z glass of course).

I think if you tried a Z7II you might be surprised how good it is. I know I was.

(And it might be a while before a Z8 shows up with the craziness in the world today. Civilization has come to the point where we just need to make do now with what's available while we still can afford it/find it.)

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