Will Nikon have no option but to enhance the Z6/7 ii further!

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Re: Will Nikon have no option but to enhance the Z6/7 ii further!

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Chip components and lead times on almost everything have extended to ridiculous time frames, what little new products there are will be absorbing any spare capacity until things return to normal, if at all in the short-term, but probably well into 2023.

I really feel for anyone in manufacturing at the moment such are the lead times so designing and releasing another new body, as much as they may want to, might actually be impossible while they catch up with the Z9 sales and ensure healthy supplies of existing product too, including the recently announced lenses.

I think Nikon will have to extend the life of the mk ii's as they probably will have limited options to introduce more cameras in the short term and maximise existing sales channels, which will surely be good news for existing users and new users too!

No one knows what Nikon will do, all our guess here. but I personally know quite a few friends holding off their DSLR to ML migration and waiting for the " true D850 replacement" from Nikon, I know most people will say Z7 II is the one, but " we" sure don't think so after playing with one for a while, so the sooner Nikon bring this Z8 /Z7 III out the better chance for them to keep their customer, competition is heating up really fast, R5 is super attractive. myself a dual system user and almost ordered the R5 but heard the Z9 rumor so I hang on and now have the Z9 on Pre-order. but few friends seriously considering R5 and been playing with it already. among the group, we have a lot of different cameras to play with from the MF Fuji to tiny Olympus M4/3, so it's really easy for us to tell which one we like it better and a lot of the people in my group are dual/multiple system users too. so we are not locked into ne system/brand.

R5 is a seriously good camera but I'm not convinced with rf lenses. £3k for the 100-500 7.1? Those f11 things, 24-240 doesn't appear to be anywhere near as good as Nikon's and 14-30/24-120 is very interesting combination.

Z7ii sensor is the best FF sensor available, subject to Z9 results!

For bif I didn't see a huge benefit of the R5 over Z7 in mirrorless lessons tests?

For my use case, what do you pair the R5 up with? My Z6II does awesome low light video and stills with a respectable 24mp's. The R6 is a poor substitute. My Z7II is my stills landscape camera and video backup.

The Canon cripple hammer really hammered what's under the R5 is the problem as I see it.

But I agree the lens offerings and prices are really not that appealing in Canonland these days.

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