Will Nikon have no option but to enhance the Z6/7 ii further!

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Re: Will Nikon have no option but to enhance the Z6/7 ii further!

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I very much doubt there's much Nikon can do with the Z6II & Z7II at this point -- they've had plenty of time to roll out substantial firmware improvements if they were possible.,

Unless of course they have been deliberately holding back a new major firmware so as to not steal the limelight from the Z9. If the Z7 II and Z6 II have some sort of 3D tracking already in the wings (i.e. firmware almost complete, even if it is a cutdown version of the Z9 setup), I'm sure they don't want to release this until they have exhausted the initial foray over the Z9 ?

Of course this is all guesswork.

That doesn't make sense considering the Z9 market is very different. My guess is there will be some UI improvements and an incremental update in AF speed, but not much. There's only so much they can do when the Expeed 7 is 10 times faster and the stacked sensor gives them so much more to work with. No matter what kind of update they roll out to the Z6II/Z7II the AF will never be on par or close to the Z9. So it doesn't make sense they'd hold back the firmware artificially. Their mainstream bodies need all the help they can get.

They could roll out a Z6III/Z7III next year. The Z6 was introduced in November, 2018 and the Z6II was introduced in October 2020. So next fall would be along the same cycle. My guess is they'll actually roll out a Z8 camera next year and push a Z6III/Z7III in 2023. Or they could surprise everyone and release all three cameras and a D500 mirrorless all in 2022.

My hope is a Z8/Z500 combo in 2022 so they can continue the momentum of the Z9. Followed by the Z6III/Z7III to bring the technology to the rest of us.

Nikon doesn't have to make the Z6II/7II as good as the Z9 with firmware, Nikon only has to make them noticeably better than the A7iV/Riv and Canon's. Shouldn't be that hard, the hardware already is faster and more powerful. (Thom Hogen argues that Nikon's AF is as good already, you just have to learn how to use it... He would know.)

Personally, for my use cases, I find the Z6II/7II AF as good as the A7c and A7Riv's I've used right now. So I don't really care what Nikon does with the AF. I would much more rather they add distance and depth of field markings to the manual focus idiot bar. A flower and infinity is a bit vague for pro work...

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