Z6ii? D850? Or just wait for the Z9?

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Re: Z6ii? D850? Or just wait for the Z9?

Apologies if this sounds rude, as I have no intention of such a thing but the phrase "all over the map"comes to mind

If you wish to purchase a general purpose camera, and that sounds about right as you have a variety of situations that interest you, Thom Hogan has written his opinion that the D850 is the best general purpose camera available. It's been a while since he wrote that, but I can't personally find any reason to disagree even at this late date. The fact that you already have some F Mount lenses is a huge plus unless you have an unlimited budget, and the D850 being at the end of its product cycle makes for a large number of excellent condition low mileage examples on the used market. We currently have two D850's ourselves. I really don't see you doing anything that would make a D850 a disappointment.

On paper, the Z9 (at about a bit over twice the price for the body alone versus a D850) plus a different lens mount is reputed to have a better focusing system which might be just what you need for sports. But I would suggest that if you're going to spend that much for a body you're leaving too much on the table not to use the truly outstanding native Z mount lenses. Which for me would be looking at around another 6 grand or so.

And I think you really need to determine where you stand on the EVF vs OVF issue, some folks simply can't abide an EVF, others think it to be a vast improvement.  Personally, I have one body with an EVF and that's only because EVF was the only way to get a 100mp sensor that I wanted.

Debating between a Z9 and a Z6 or Z7 seems to me sorta like apples/oranges.

Have you thought about system weight?

Ever considered renting first?

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