Does anyone else wish the Canon ON/OFF switch was around the shutter button instead of on the left?

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Nope. I hardly care where it is. When I heavily use my camera, I hardly have to turn it on or off. On its own, it shuts down (for a couple of mins when not in use) and powers up (as soon as I operate it again) so the only time I turn it on is from my camera bag and off when it's going back in.

Same for me

Are we lazy or what? 😂 Then we complain about battery life!

lol it really takes no effort when the switch is around the shutter though! as soon as my arm goes down, my finger just flips the switch to OFF without having to adjust my grip or anything...feels very easy and natural. but like i said, just my personal muscle memory

Older people are more resistant to retraining their muscle memory. There was research that people above 60yo held to their Blackberries for two more years before finally moving to a touchscreen iPhone.

Retraining takes time.  Older people don't have time to waste.  When moving to new technology, sometimes it's not all it's cracked up to be.  I have a sony a7iii.  The power button is on the right side.  I just bought an R5.  I miss having the power button on the right side.  I am so use to turning the a7iii on and off with my right hand.  I have a wrist strap so I don't worry about dropping the camera.  It's so convenient.   The R5 forces me to use both hands.  I also use to have the 7d; the power button is on the left side and I never felt it was cumbersome to use.... so it might be I just have to get use to turning the R5 off and on with two hands.

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