BUYER BEWARE - camera listed as NEW with 125,230 shutter clicks

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Re: BUYER BEWARE - camera listed as NEW with 125,230 shutter clicks

Gordon Ripley wrote:

Just wanted to share a bad experience. Om July 28, 2017 I purchased a Nikon D750 on amazon being sold by Focus Camera. I had it converted to IR and took my first picture on Feb 2,2018. I just checked the Exif data and see that the image count is 125,230!!!

I was shocked bu realize that way too much time has passed to do anything about it!

When looking at the sales record on amazon the word NEW is explicitly shown. I won't let that happen again.

So, ALWAYS CHECK THE IMAGE COUNT when purchasing a camera no matter from whom!


Maybe I’m just a bit thick, but I'm completely lost here.

You first state “camera listed as NEW with 125,230 shutter clicks”, then further explain that you purchased the camera on 7/28/17 and about two months later noticed that it had 19,995 actuations.

So unless I really missed something this means it went from 125,230 DOWN to 19,995 and then BACK UP to 125,230. How’s that work?

Now, some 3 ½ years after you discovered the issue, you’re posting about it.

Also, are you checking the actuation count with some software which reads it from the exif or using the image number?

This is bound to just be me, but help me out here.

By the way, I've read some of your previous posts and am not questioning your credibility, but I'm really confused

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