SPP and memory leak on Mac mini M1/Monterey

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Re: SPP and memory leak on Mac mini M1/Monterey

Antone wrote:

So, my Mac mini with the M1 processor ran out of RAM (16 GB) twice last week. SPP was running in the background but I wasn't actively editing images. I haven't run it in the last 5 days and have not seen the memory problem since. So, there may be an issue with SPP and Monterey and/or M1 Macs. When I get home tonight, I'm going to launch SPP to see if I get the memory issue again.

Hm. Between 40MB and 150MB for every image processed, either reported wrong or never released - and with no activity, it also increases around 100MB/min. (Could also be Rosetta, I hope Sigma gets around to native compilation in a not too far future)

The problem with jpg-icons in the finder no longer taking the colour profile into account, is reintroduced with OSX12.

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