A7C redundant storage on WD Wireless SSD - Solved!

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Re: A7C redundant storage on WD Wireless SSD - Solved!

jhunna wrote:

You are probably going to lose a lot of people with this especially since there is some command line involved. That said, you have a good solution for immediate backup. I do the same thing but I use my phone.

Iniitial set up is difficult. WD had only anonymous FTP and Sony donot work anonymously (the later seems better choice).

I only share what I managed to fix for myself. I agree it is not easy or feasible for non-technical person.

Anyway WiFi drives like WD Passport Wireless are no longer a thing. WD stopped making them and no replacement is avaialable either. So if one owns a drive it is good way to put to use. The topic is kind of old now.

The good part of the drive setup is that the WD drive has own big battery, usb, wifi so it is not draining your phone.

Lastly I cringe when I hear cloud storage. Yes it makes sense if you make living from photography but paying 10-15 a month to keep your photos seems like extortion.

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