For about the same price..RF 70-200mm F/4 or EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS iii ?

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Re: For about the same price..RF 70-200mm F/4 or EF 70-200mm 2.8 IS iii ?

Luis Gabriel Photography wrote:

This one got me a bit confused...on the one hand I l like fast lenses (I shoot primarily with a Sigma 105mm 1.4) but on the other hand, this lens will be used mostly in the studio for the flexibility of that focal range.

Size is nice on the RF of course but not a big deal in my case as if I wanted to use it outdoors like for some event, I will rather be using the 2.8
That is where my confusion is. They can be found around the same price in the used market (the RF F4 and the EF 2.8 version 3).
I guess the main issue is that I experienced focusing issues with the EF 70-200mm mark II version and the R5 where my other lenses all pretty much never miss (all 3 are Sigma lenses).
So that makes me want to go with the RF but that F/4 still bothers me even for my usage. And of course, the 2.8 RF version I just feel is too expensive, and not happy with the focus breathing making it 200mm shorter (although it does focus closer than most).
I am usually very clear about what lens I need but this one got me second-guessing.
Anyone has compared both?

The RF 70-200 f/4 has better correction for pitch/yaw movement. So video footage would be more steady. Its light weight and good balance also make it better for video shooting. The greatest drawback of this lens, in my opinion, is focus would wobble if you zoom in and out. It's a common problem with the nano usm motor.

I have the EF 2.8 version 2. I experienced some focusing issues with it for stills. Removing all filters when shooting would help. By the way, it is very head heavy with the adapter.

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