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Canon service has been great to me!

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Thank you for some constuctive advice. I feel that Canon may be considering my repeated request to either properly repair my lens or replace it with a sharp copy. The CPS phone guys have been great. They listen, take plenty of notes and pass the information to the repair center. Unfortunately, the repair center doesn't seem to get it. The repair technicians (by policy?) will not call the customer to discuss the repair no matter how often it is requested. They also will not share any test data. That is why they fixed the nonexistent "focus" problem with my lens, twice, in spite of my elaboration that the problem was uneven/low resolution and possible decentering.

If this ends poorly, a possibility, then I will likely consider a different lens. Thank you for the recommendation of the EF 24-70mm lens. I imagine that sometime in the future an RF version will exist. I also wonder if the Sigma EF mount 24-105 has a better reputation for lens to lens consistency and sharpness.


The repair process is a little mysterious, I agree. I asked them to indicate to me how many shutter firings my EOS R had on it before the shutter went bad (I had to send it in for shutter replacement), and they did not do so. I also followed up with the customer service guy and he was informed that the information was not available. Oh well. I suspect that it was quite a bit less than the 150,000 it was rated for... The good news is the camera was repaired and is working great (I had to pay as I had no CarePak). But I do tend to agree that the process is a little mysterious.

I actually went through a similar process as you with a lens except mine was the RF 28-70mm f/2 and I had the Canon CarePak on it. My issue was that as I stopped down to f/8 at 28mm the left third of the frame started to show astigmatism which showed up in landscapes. I didn't notice it for months because I typically used the lens for portraits.

I decided that for $3k it should be better than that at f/8 so I sent it in. It was not a flawless process, some oddities occurred, but in the end they sent me a new lens. Then about a year later I unfortunately scratched the front element and they also repaired that free of charge (under CarePak). Ultimately, I have to give major kudos to Canon service for handling the repairs and working through the issues to get the job done.

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