Leica Cl2 any updates

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Re: Leica Cl2 any updates

Leica are desperately trying to sell SL2 and SL2-S bodies under the banner of working well with M lenses ; I read this as very few SL lenses are being bought - they are just too large outside of professional use.

A big problem is, M lenses bought from Voigtlander are just as good - Leica's failed plan was to sell AF lenses, at good margin through ease of manufacturability, to break the dependency on the M system.

For amateurs , the TL line of lenses are comparably compact as to M lenses. The TL lens price point is also favorable. It's a great system that just needs a little bit of attention.

However, I think the CL and lenses are currently on pause ; when Sony releases a new >40Mpixel APS-C sensor, it will be time for Leica to revisit the economic performance of SL vs CL systems.

I've got a foot in the M system and a toe in the SL and CL/TL system, but right now, I have not bought a single SL lens and will not buy any more TL lenses.

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