Z9 a real flagship to the Canon R3 or R1?

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Re: Z9 a real flagship to the Canon R3 or R1?

Calibur wrote:

Autoxave wrote:

In my opinion the advangates of the Canon R3 above Z9 are:

  • Canon has better image stabilization
  • Canon has a higher resolution on the LCD screen
  • Canon has higher (but maybe not better) resolution in viewfinder
  • Canon weighs approx 300 gram less
  • Canon has 30 FPS RAW capture (albeit 24 MP resolution but that is more than enough for action)
  • Probably less noise due to lower MP

The advantages of Z9 in my opinion are:

  • Better video specs
  • Probably brighter viewfinder
  • Two CF express card slots
  • Better landscape camera dure to higher MP

Three important aspects which we do not know yet:

  • The best tracking ability in action photography
  • The number of keepers during a session of action photography
  • The durability and the ability to withstand rough environments and handling

Less noise on the R3 is doubtful. Nikon cameras have better noise performance than Canon’s.

If a 46 MP sensor produces less noise than 24 MP sensor, then that would be a physical sensation, further on, faster readout speed in the Z9 also means more noise. Your statement is highly doubtful.

R3 may do 30 fps RAW but you are using its less capable electronic shutter to do so, so expect more rolling shutter artifacts. Z9 has much faster readout speed than R3.

No evidence for more artifacts on the R3, after all the readout speed is pretty high - in line with Sony A9II.

Z9 120 fps mode is a huge pro.

Yes, indeed! But maybe this is just captured through capturing stills from a movie?

Z9 viewfinder is designed so it has an independent processing path to sensor data, meaning consistent performance with no skipped frames. I suspect this will be preferred over higher resolution when shooting action.

Z9 viewfinder is indeed innovate, no doubt about that. However, the resolution is not on par with competition.

Z9 has much better battery life than the R3.

A difference of 20 shots. Do you find that relevant? If yes - in what ways?


Z9 has a superior articulating screen mechanism.

How is it superior? They are quite different.

Z9 has a superior portrait grip. It’s grip is the same in both orientations. The R3 portrait grip is shallow compared to its landscape orientation.

Yes, agree, better grip as it is I bigger body. But also more weight. I guess that grip was mainly to satisfy portrait/fashion shooters.

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